[WTF D&D?] Monkey

“Monkey is a truly unique being. Once he was an official of the Celestial Bureaucracy in the Outer Planes. However, for his tricks and mischief, the Celestial Emperor stripped him of much of his power and banished him to Toril on the Prime Material plane.”

Ok, Monkey er altså ikke en abe, men en mærkelig abe-npc, som D&D mener bør være en del af din monster manual. Hvorfor, kommer der ikke nogen forklaring på. Til gengæld står der under Ecology:

“What does a godlike being eat? Monkey can live on the very air. He does have a taste for rich food, fruits, and wine. He can eat prodigious quantities without filling himself. It is not a good idea to offer to cook for him.”



The online Monstrous Manual

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